How To Do Things #2: Crackers

Once you realize how easy it is to make crackers, you will be fairly astonished at the prices you see in the store. (i guess you are paying for the preservatives?)

I considered putting up another video, although the YouTube videos really aren’t as succinct (or charming) as Bittman. He is making somewhat fancy ones (as far as crackers go) here. Regardless, the concept is the same. I would personally go with the rosemary and olive oil ones he briefly mentions. You would basically omit the cream in favor of water and forget about the cheese. I would add garlic too.

Haven’t actually done this, yet, although I have made flat bread a few times and the concept is almost identical. You don’t need the food processor. Mark is a little bit too in love with his processor when it comes to baking. Do it by hand. The results will be the same and the process will be more enjoyable. (that and some of us don’t have food processors).

From experience with flat breads, this is going to take more like 15 minutes than 10 (although this might vary by your oven). I would also recommend rolling the salt into the rectangle before baking.


Recipe (for the measurements)


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  1. food processors can really shorten the time it takes for you to prepare home cooked meals .-‘

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