Visages (Face)

Somehow I noted over a month ago that Tsai Ming Liang had a new film at Cannes and completely forgot about it. Well, here is the trailer! Early words are mixed, although I think Tsai is quite possibly the best filmmaker around right now, making this required watching material…if it makes it to the states anytime in the next five years. The trailer, I will admit, has all sorts of strange things going on.

The fairly awesome poster and some reactions to the film after the…

“Less emotional and more theoretical than anything he has done before, Face will appeal exclusively to Tsai Ming-liang’s devoted fans who find themselves in familiar territory here, but the rest of the audience may be baffled – to say the least. Art house and festival interest is, as always, likely, but prospects seem highly limited beyond that.”

“Filled with the helmer’s habitual shenanigans, and including a cast of Gallic stars, pic nonetheless feels shoddily conceived and highly overindulgent, even for Tsai. Only diehard fans will hark to this strictly arthouse item, which reps a shaky cinematic debut for Gaul’s foremost house of art.”


“Totally awesome for about an hour, then becomes increasingly mannered and cryptic and random (but still often awesome).”

“Visage (Face) is beautiful and sinewy, but too much recycling from Tsai’s other work to register much force on its own.”


3 Responses to “Visages (Face)”

  1. good post. it looks interesting, but since when do random tweets count as movie reviews?

  2. When it’s at a festival and i can’t find any goddamn full length reviews of the thing? (or when i need to hear positive reinforcement for a film I’m excited for) Mostly the prior, though. I really could not find full length comments on it.

  3. this looks great! i completely forgot about it also. some of the negative reactions just sound like misguided positive reaction. and little antoine doinel is all grown up and trapped in mirrored rooms, how great!

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