The Home Bar

A year older a few years wiser, the new book is overhauled, proofread and ready for print.   The Home Bar is here.  The version some of you might know is gone.  There were a lot of awful recipes in there. There are only one or two of them now.  It also got a face-lift and a couple pages of non recipe content.   Also, as a Put It Up exclusive, I’ve provided this cover page and a recipe not included in the book! I’m a regular Billy Mays over here. Look for it below the jump!

The Home Bar (2009)

Cheers, dude!

Azzurro Martini JS *

2 oz Bombay Sapphire

Less than 1/2 oz Bianco Vermouth

Garnish: Lime Twist

Stir and strain into cocktail glass.

4 Responses to “The Home Bar”

  1. Pity there aren’t package stores in Korea. (I can no longer remember what these are called in California.)

  2. If you ever publish this with that cover, you will be an instant success (especially in williamsburg). Also, sara, i believe they are called “Rod’s” in California.

  3. john, this is fantastic. because of it, my friends and i here are proactively going to get some liquor (before goddamn 7oclock) and make cocktails a regular thing again. screw all this beer, essentially.

    i’m printing this baby on nice paper.

  4. If I know I put a Negroni in a little boy’s hand, I’ll be happy, because I know I made a difference.

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