Cymbals Eat Guitars + Asobi Seksu – MHOW, June 13th, 2009

As the somewhat poorly organized Northside Festival (although this hasn’t affected us personally, as of yet) comes to a close, Saturday Night presented what I felt was the best set of the whole thing so far. Cymbals Eat Guitars put on a sweat drenched and guitar heavy opening set that may have turned me from a casual fan to something of a believer. I was a fan of the album, but not to the point where I saw it as anything special. Their live set, however, was one of those rare moments where you truly feel as if a band sounds far better on stage than they do on disc.  If you ever get a chance to see them and you like noisy guitars, do yourself the favor of obtaining a ticket. This was the best set of the whole thing so far (from what I’ve been to). In regards to the sweat, I have never seen a front man sweat more than Joseph D’Agostino did. The stuff was flying everywhere. The front row was nearly a splash zone.

Asobi Seksu put on a flashy set full of strobe lights and props. They brought the noise you would expect and, all in all, put on a very solid show. I think I like Hush more than most other people, which helped, although even I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guitarist when the more vocal based tracks kicked in. You could almost see the glee leave his face before every Hush song. The guy wanted to cause a commotion and only looked at home when the track he was playing allowed him to. In any case, I think most people were busy ogling Yuki Chikudate and didn’t give this or the rest of the stage much notice. The show concluded (before encores) in a reverb soaked wave of noise that reminded me in some ways of a minor scale You Made Me Realize live moment. Their set was about what I expected – very good.


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