David Byrne – Celebrate Brookyln, Prospect Park, June 8th, 2009

If there is one thing I can credit Brooklyn for it’s free summer concerts. While it is true that it took two hours of walking through a serpentine line (in the midst of gorgeous Prospect Park), I would gladly make the slither again for what amounted to one of the better shows I have  seen. The most surprising aspect of the show, to me, was that it was pretty much a Talking Heads show. Aside from a handful of tracks from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Everything that Happens Will Happen Today (I’m complaining about neither), the crowd of thousands (who paid nothing) were treated to Heads classic after Heads classic.

After opening with Strange Overtones, Bryne went straight into I Zimbra suggesting that this was going to be a show at least partially divorced from his recent album. My Big Nurse followed that and Houses in Motion came in on its heels. It was at this point that I realized I might be in for something more than I bargained for. Sure enough, Heaven, Crosseyed and Painless, Born Under Punches, Once in a Lifetime, Life During Wartime, Take Me to the River, The Great Curve, Air and Burning Down the House all followed. All I could have possibly asked for was “Girlfriend Is Better.”

All sounded utterly fantastic, and this doesn’t even touch upon the aesthetics of the show. Dancers (all dressed like byrne) spinning in computer desk chairs and a variety of other well versed antics all added a visual element to a show that sounded absolutely pristine. At one point, Byrne chose to don the tutu he has been seen with at other shows. No word was lost in the instruments and the whole act came off as polished and professional. It made me realize that Stop Making Sense was no mistake.

Did I mention that all of this was free?

Picture of the line (via) after the…

Even this doesn’t do the mammoth line justice. Just realize that everyone you see in this picture and more were basically in line. People sure love themselves free stuff during a recession…


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