Furry Friends


I would just like to introduce you all to my new kitten. She is possibly the most playful, affectionate (to an absurd degree) and superlative cat in all of Kings County (or at the very least the 94th precinct). She was rescued from what is essentially death row for kitties and, as I type this, she has gone from climbing up my shirt to sitting calmly on my stomach. She seems to be reading what I am typing. I am getting a little self-conscious.

Her name was Alice when we got her and it might stay that way, although we are going to give it a week. She is known as a Hemmingway polydactyl because she has an extra toe on each paw (which makes her slightly more clumsy and more adorable). Apparently Hemmingway wrote about a colony of polydactyl cats once. Anyhow, I just thought she needed to be introduced to the blogosphere. She will soon be a money making youtube hit, I’m sure of it.

One more picture after the…



4 Responses to “Furry Friends”

  1. ^^^ are you wearing hats over there!?

  2. yes 🙂 I found the one!

  3. what a beautiful cat. do you think her and Nina would get along? actually better hold on that, Nina would probably just give her worms.

  4. Kevin,
    I’m excited to meet your cat in a few weeks.
    everyone knows Nina-Bug-Highlander does not have worms!

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