A Put It Up Summer – 2009: Soul & Cocktails – Subtitle: Life doesn’t change that much

More of a hype post than anything else. Get excited.

This summer I have a couple projects that I’ll post here for everyone. First is the 2009 edition of my cocktail book, The Home Bar.   That’s right, I’m publishing an ebook. I figure I can give you a sneak peak.  Take a look at the only mildly unreasonable page two.  The page lists what I’ve found to be essential ingredients for making good drinks and are the only ingredients* used in the book.  You should buy the Maraschino anyways, if only to make homemade maraschino cherries (pitted and soaked in the liqueur for a day). It’s summer, they’re cheap and they taste great.

The Home Bar comes out late June.

Second is a two part summer mixtape entitled ‘I Know You Got Soul.’  Part 1 is the mix that I’ve had for a while and is reeeeeal good stuff, and part two is all songs that I haven’t heard yet, i.e. a little research project for the summer.

‘I Know You Got Soul’ comes out in two parts. Part One in early July and Part Two in late July.

* alcoholic


3 Responses to “A Put It Up Summer – 2009: Soul & Cocktails – Subtitle: Life doesn’t change that much”

  1. i’m going to have to start complimenting all this “liqueur” business with more updates on Home Beer. I’m about to drink the last of a perfected vanilla porter and the summertime imperial IPA (pseudo dogfish head clone) is fermenting in the closet.

  2. hey john. remember trying to find bitters in Greenpoint? my search for Maraschino has yielded much of the same. looks like i’ll be hopping on a train soon….

  3. I was reading the NYT piece on how to make maraschino cherries, and the writer was complaining about trying to get Maraschino too. You guys really need to get a Bevmo.

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