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I saw two fireflies while walking around Brooklyn last night and have to say I was fascinated. My neck was craning in ways that probably made me look silly to everyone else around. The New York Times posted a pretty interesting article + video on Firefly mating today.

Apparently, female fireflies generally prefer males with most conspicuous flashes. Drawing further upon this idea, they found that Photurus (a predatory firefly that eats other fireflies) was more likely to notice the males with the brightest flashes as well.  So these bold male fireflies are rewarded for their bravado with the possibility of love making or a decoy bug that “pounces, bites, sucks blood — all the gory stuff.”

In short, the conspicuous flashing simply draws the attention of a Photurus who uses its light to respond in what would be the female version of the affirmative. Death or love awaits the male who takes the chance. For some reason, I found this all very relevant.

On a lighter note, what are your experiences with fireflies? I want to see more.


Drunky Monkeys.

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Interesting BBC special on monkeys who steal booze from beach dwellers and have developed a drinking culture uncomfortably similar to our own.

New Miyazaki!

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I was just talking to someone about how long its been since he has released anything.

Link to the trailer…HERE!

It’s Nuts Hot Out There

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Here are a couple highballs to ‘beat the heat’ with.  One not in the book, one modified.

biscuit & the fizz

Apricot Fizz

1 ½ oz Brandy
¾ oz Triple Sec
1 oz Apricot Juice OR One Apricot, Muddled
Dash of Peychaud’s Bitters
Soda Water
Build in a short glass over ice.

I was supremely pleased with how the subtle apricot and the bitters came together so well.  It’s not a light drink per-se, but definitely summer.

NYC 09 001

Pink Gin Tonic

2 oz Gin
1/2 Lime
4 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Tonic Water
Cut the lime into wedges. Build in an ice-filled short glass.

Ok, I’ll say strait up that this is not better than a regular gin & tonic, but its worth experimenting with.  And if you’ll let me wax poetic about it, I’d say its like sipping on British Rangoon.  Tastes imperial.

LotW II – YACHT – See Mystery Lights

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YACHT – See Mystery Lights (2009)

So, a few weeks ago when I first heard YACHT’s new single “Psychic City” (which opens up my summer mix), I knew that I had a good thing coming. After hearing some of their older releases though, my anticipation was a little sapped. They seemed overly ambitious and childish. But then I heard their new record, See Mystery Lights. It’s quite possibly the most fun, optimistic set of songs I’ve heard since Merriweather this year. While some of the songs provide solace for those overly fascinated with death and the afterlife, others touch on disillusioned youth, living in big cities, suffering from ineffable bouts of boredom. And then, other songs simply provide some good advice: “Protect your eyes. Be careful when downloading. Protect your eyes” (This advice, it seems, cleverly refers to this particular release itself).

It sounds like The Blow meets Hot Chip (on some level) but I don’t want to boil it down to others’ terms, of course. YACHT’s got an affable and confident voice of their own and they’ve put together a good record. Plus, their from Portland REPRESENT! There’s a foottapper on here for everybody.

How To Do Things #2: Crackers

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Once you realize how easy it is to make crackers, you will be fairly astonished at the prices you see in the store. (i guess you are paying for the preservatives?)

I considered putting up another video, although the YouTube videos really aren’t as succinct (or charming) as Bittman. He is making somewhat fancy ones (as far as crackers go) here. Regardless, the concept is the same. I would personally go with the rosemary and olive oil ones he briefly mentions. You would basically omit the cream in favor of water and forget about the cheese. I would add garlic too.

Haven’t actually done this, yet, although I have made flat bread a few times and the concept is almost identical. You don’t need the food processor. Mark is a little bit too in love with his processor when it comes to baking. Do it by hand. The results will be the same and the process will be more enjoyable. (that and some of us don’t have food processors).

From experience with flat breads, this is going to take more like 15 minutes than 10 (although this might vary by your oven). I would also recommend rolling the salt into the rectangle before baking.


Recipe (for the measurements)

Visages (Face)

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Somehow I noted over a month ago that Tsai Ming Liang had a new film at Cannes and completely forgot about it. Well, here is the trailer! Early words are mixed, although I think Tsai is quite possibly the best filmmaker around right now, making this required watching material…if it makes it to the states anytime in the next five years. The trailer, I will admit, has all sorts of strange things going on.

The fairly awesome poster and some reactions to the film after the…

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