Let’s Share Music!

My cousin just showed me this program. It’s like iChat, but instead of sharing silly comments, you share tons of music! Its a great concept. I don’t know if it works. Let’s try it out! It works for both Macs and PCs. It’s called Mojo, and here it is.

**edit: Some of you may have been having problems. I figured it out: if you pay for the fucking PRO edition, you can access more than 2 libraries. If not, keep your friend list down. I have access to John’s. So i guess I’ll keep it for a bit. He’s up to date. I suppose that’s how I think it works. That was the message I got. It also seems like the installation process differs depending on the time/user. Any thoughts?

(Oh, and I apologize for this turning into a geeky software blog. This software did, however, seem too good to be true; it might we worth it to keep trying).


5 Responses to “Let’s Share Music!”

  1. by the way my username is whiteouts@binaryfreedom.info.

  2. eyesandsmiles@binaryfreedom.info

    i added you guys. get on that verification!

  3. thermatico@binaryfreedom.info

    i sure hope this “freedom” is all that it tends to imply.

  4. mojo is so awesome.

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