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Caterpillars: When God Gets Bored.

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Why would you want to hide in a cocoon when you look like this?
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Auto-Tune the News

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I didn’t know what to think about these at first, but I have decided I like them. There are 4 so far (with varying levels of quality).

Greenpoint gets NY Timesed.

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In case you want to know a little bit about where I live. The article is mostly accurate, I suppose.

Full Article.

Face of Shakespeare revealed?

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There is debate about this, although it appears the most authentic portrait of Shakespeare has been found. Hansome fellow. And now the critics can rage some more about his sexuality!

Africa Brazil 2009

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I tend towards the the old school when it comes to my taste in both African and Brazilian music.  “Nqayi” a collaboration by Brazilian DJ Maga Bo and South African artist Teba is anything but.  It’s pretty rad though.  It’s a mix of baile funk and whatever they’re doing in Capetown (I’ll plead ignorance here). The video was shot in the Capetown slums and apparently they’re speaking English for part of it, which I’d still like someone to prove to me.

Ostensibly, if you’re into the M.I.A. sound, this should be up your alley.

And in case you wanted to know:

“The lyrics talk about the difficulties faced by youth in townships today and how society tries to force them to drink and take drugs. Nqayi means baldhead and refers to fake rastas posturing themselves, but then bending over to the pressures of society and shaving their locks.”


Sure, This Deserves It’s Own Post

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Avalanches

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Two links today on the Avalanches.  First a deconstructed ‘Since I Left You’ with mp3s available at this place called Butter Team.  Pretty cool to listen to.

Next is the complete discography over at Mediafire Mayhem, a new site that’s all Mediafire downloads that’s run by some ateaseweb forum members. ‘ a bunch of good stuff over there like the Animal Crack Box, a DJ setish thing by James Murphy and the new Wilco.

UPDATE: There’s another post on ‘Flight Tonight’.