Listen Log 4/28

What are you listening to?

So I’ve been finding a lot of stuff that I’ve been enjoying lately.  2009 is not disapointing.  It still needs a best album of the year though, (Sorry MPP & Vecky).  Woods is good as is a lot of other Captured Tracks stuff, Crocodiles has been my newest, Suckers EP (<-DL) is solid and Jarvis was better than I expected. O.V. Wright is my latest soul find. All the other stuff isnt that surprising. Still waiting for White Denim, LCD, Reigning Sound and maybe Passion Pit (those new tracks ain’t great).

Has anyone heard Bill Calahan or Camera Obscura?  I liked tracks off both and was wondering if P4k was right about em?


Check out MBV on the blogroll.  I just started reading it, and now its up there with the Fader and GvB as a daily music read.

6 Responses to “Listen Log 4/28”

  1. somehow bill callahan just doesn’t do it for me anymore. i liked it when he was smog and wasn’t dating every attractive indie vocalist. somehow he seemed more sincere. also, for whatever reason, i really do enjoy this very silly japandroids album.

  2. i think that bill callahan’s first album’s pretty fantastic. this one however, has great moments, but isn’t as cohesive imo. (i also don’t think really anything of his relationship. but oh well) as far as what i’m listening to lately,
    the horrors’ new album–although it’s ridiculously heavy on the influences (any my bloody valentine/chameleons comparison would fit all too well here)–is loud and lush and really really catchy. i recommend it, i guess. also last year’s evangelicals album the evening descends is brilliant! i wish i had heard it before. here it is: for whoever’d like to try it. as far as upcoming releases, gvb posted a new song by the field and i can’t stop listening to it for the life of me.

  3. it’s not so much his relationships as what they have done to his music. i’m not going to criticize the guy. i like him. but listen to To Be of Use or even Teenage Spaceship and tell me if the new Bill could record them again. the old (sadder) bill is the bill for me. not his fault if he has changed. i just feel ever so slightly betrayed.

  4. and (just to update you on the gossip, oh YEAH) he has moved from cat power to joanna newsom to who knows now? mirah next?

  5. hm didn’t know that. mirah’s gotta like some weiner first though. she doesn’t know what she’s missing.if i see her ’round town, i’ll let her know. i still think the first Bill Calahanskies is pretty great. perhaps because its just so upbeat, optimistic. but then again, i have a few smog albums but not the ones you mentioned. i’ll take a look. have you heard the horrors (kevin?). think you’d like.

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