LofthW: Dirty Projectors

I’ve loved this band since I accidentally mistook them for another band in 2005. Then, in 2007 they released Rise Above, a concept album “re-imagining [Black Flag]’s Damaged from memory” which, after two years is a constant play for me. In Bitte Orca, they seem to have taken a cleaner, poppier approach. But then suddenly, layers and layers of textures and harmonies begin to unfold, and keep unfolding. (Kind of like in that N*sync song, ‘Pop Music.’) Stellar vocals, ingenious guitar. I hope you like it as much as I do.

What a great cover, huh? 

Get it while its hot.

Be sure to also listen to the song ‘Knotty Pine’ on their Myspace. It’s their collaboration with David Byrne. The pairing is perfect, I can’t believe it took so long.

10 Responses to “LofthW: Dirty Projectors”

  1. The album is actually based of the Rollins era Black Flag classic Damaged. Worth checking out if you are interested in their recreation of it…

  2. ah yea that’s right. thanks for the correction. i guess the reason i haven’t heard it is because i’ve been searching for “wire – damaged” instead of that. silly me.

  3. yeah this is real good

  4. typewritermender Says:

    Just listened! Really good stuff. Never heard them before. Time to download some old albums.

  5. Is it just me or does the guy sound a lot like ted leo at times?

  6. the ted leo thing! i’ve heard that before. i guess i don’t really listen to him that much, but i do love longstreths voice. who knows, john what do you recommend? the getty address and rise above, for those that want more, are great. really great.

  7. i don’t really listen to leo either, it just struck me. while i admire this album, it really does little for me.

  8. as far as ted goes, you only really need heart of oaks and the tyranny of distance.

  9. “The Getty Address” is a masterpiece. It’s really worth getting a hard copy due to the extensive liner notes that go into more detail on the album’s extended analogy to Don Henley’s hallucinatory re-discovery of America as he journeys through deserts, sunsets, parking lots and gift shops. “Slaves’ Graves & Ballads” is also very very good. (Similar cover art too).

    Another incredible 2009 discovery is the gentleman Mr. Dent May of Oxford, Mississippi.

  10. thomas, that album is fantastic. thank you.

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