China Details Incentive Plan for Electric Cars

While I don’t consider Obama my personal savior, I was extremely excited about his candidacy, certainly voted for him, and am very happy to see him in office.

Now, it’s been quite difficult for me to asses his first months in office because I’m rather ignorant on the economy, and that’s been almost the entire focus of his presidency so far (unfortunately). On the whole I think I’m slightly less-than-impressed about any kind of promised inovation and change in the area of economic recovery.

I just read this article from NYT about China’s plans to become the world leader in electric car production by giving monetary incentive to consumers, importantly NOT to the car companies. This is exactly what I’ve been saying we need to do here in Les Etats. If anything is going to re-establish our place atop the economic powerhouse leaderboard it’s green automotive tech (and green tech in general). And sorry, but you stupid oil companies and car companies who have been just about the most stubborn and irresponsible public entities of the last 20 years, you don’t get the government’s money for running yourselves into the ground. The best way to get out of this mess is to FORCE the change that capitalism is honestly way too slow to address– and that’s that our Earth is dying, as is our economy, and both can be fixed with the same simple solution. Consumers are dumb and will buy what’s out there even if they’d rather have something that’s way more expensive and way harder to get ahold of–thus, as long as the major car companies are keeping electric cars from the consumers, we won’t “demand” them.

Our government needs to enforce strict fuel economy guidelines for any cars manufactured from this point on, IMMEDIATELY. As in today. And then they need to set in motion legislation to force a turnover to alternative energy vehicles within the next 10 years. Then they need to offer consumer incentives to buy these vehicles, driving up the demand, which will a) help get our oh-so-stubborn-and-failing capitalist auto companies  running again, and force them to manufacture the cars the world wants and needs.

That’s my (rather uneducated—–again I really know very little about economics) rant. Go green. Change. Yes we can.


One Response to “China Details Incentive Plan for Electric Cars”

  1. i agree about cars. for the most part though (from the little i know) China is just being all sorts of irresponsible right now. we are investing in the green tech they will be buying from us in 50 years. they are going to play old school America for awhile until it proves itself unsustainable. i know this contradicts your essential point (which is correct) but i do feel we are ultimately trying harder than they are.

    as far as obama goes. very disappointed. too early to say obviously. he is playing old cards in an economy that needs a new deal.

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