Improved Whiskey

or the Old Fashioned, via the new web show Imbibe Sips from Imbibe (a magazine about coffee and alcohol. I know!).  The show is brand new but you can check back for more in the near future on their YouTube channel.

Shiv and Nick, this guy’s from Portland. Check out Clyde Common for me.


3 Responses to “Improved Whiskey”

  1. clyde common is beautiful. it’s attached to a beautiful coffee shop (the two of which are connected by the rad 40’s style ace hotel). I haven’t been into Clyde itself yet, but it’s very close to my work so I will soon. Plus, with all the mad men i’ve been watching, old fashioned’s are a must.

  2. im glad you’re watching mad men. i knew it’d be up your alley. season 3’s coming up in a couple months

  3. jeffrey made me one fucking great cocktail. he made me two. we’re going here when you come up. we’ll also smoke like hell.

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