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Zodiac: Guy Ward Hendrickson

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New outrageous news on the Zodiac killings that scared the shit out of the bay area in the ’60s. After two years of examining evidence, a group of lawyers are came forward a few hours ago to give the public a name: Guy Ward Hendrickson.  Hendrickson’s daughter, Deborah Perez is claming she wrote some of the Zodiac’s letters, has a pair of glasses from one of the last known murders, and came along with her father for a couple of the murders. The problems with this story are that Perez claims that she just figured all this out in 2007, and she has a documentary coming out next year about, guess what, the Zodiac.  All the evidence is being turned in to the SFPD, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Short version with all the highlights here.

Legitimate journalism here.


Today’s new is that Deborah Perez is a little nuts.  The Chronicle interviewed her half sister and she’s denying everything. Then there’s news from the SFist that you’ll just have to see for yourself HERE because it’s that outrageous. You’ve got to admit that the story she cooked up was entertaining at the very least.


The Archive

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Listen Log 4/28

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What are you listening to?

So I’ve been finding a lot of stuff that I’ve been enjoying lately.  2009 is not disapointing.  It still needs a best album of the year though, (Sorry MPP & Vecky).  Woods is good as is a lot of other Captured Tracks stuff, Crocodiles has been my newest, Suckers EP (<-DL) is solid and Jarvis was better than I expected. O.V. Wright is my latest soul find. All the other stuff isnt that surprising. Still waiting for White Denim, LCD, Reigning Sound and maybe Passion Pit (those new tracks ain’t great).

Has anyone heard Bill Calahan or Camera Obscura?  I liked tracks off both and was wondering if P4k was right about em?


Check out MBV on the blogroll.  I just started reading it, and now its up there with the Fader and GvB as a daily music read.

Prayer of the Rollerboys

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Better Say Your Prayers, Boy….They’re Coming.

I watched this movie last week. It’s damn damn damn good. Prayer of the Rollerboys stars Corey Haim as the virtuous rollerblading pizza-delivery-guy Griffin who’s just trying to keep his little brother from harm’s way…that is to say, away from their old neighbor Gary Lee, the leader of the fascist Rollerboys (that is: the rollerblading, drug dealing, white supremacist gang that has virtually taken control of post-apocalyptic LA). This movie rules. Here’s a clip.

Cannes Lineup Unveiled

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It is exciting to hear that Tsai-Ming Ling and Haneke will be in competition. Which films do you fancy? Or what judges do you fancy? One of them, Shu Qi, is a “porn star turned object of contemplation in rapturous Hou Hsiao-hisen movies she professes not to understand.”

The full list and announcement

“Reading is always more important than writing”

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I know at least of a few of us here (including me) are currently reading or have read Bolano. As often happens to me, I have become shamefully interested in the face behind the words. Trying or not, the lifestyle he posits before his reader is dangerously alluring. Well, I found an interview. It’s worth a read.

“Being a writer is pleasant—no, pleasant isn’t the word—it’s an activity that has its share of amusing moments, but I know of other things that are even more amusing, amusing in the same way that literature is for me. Holding up banks, for example. Or directing movies. Or being a gigolo. Or being a child again and playing on a more or less apocalyptic soccer team”

Lots more here

There is of course the whole heroin controversy. Who cares, honestly? …right?

The Top Ten

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Since I seem to have cocktails on the brain, I really liked this.  Gary Regan, who’s as legit as they come, came up with THE ten essential cocktails for the Chronicle on Sunday.  It was a beautiful spread. The webpage for the story leaves something to be desired, but the contents still gold.  I’m going to disagree with the some of the things here but advice like putting orange bitters into a Martini is real sound.  Also some advice for stocking a home bar… when you have the money.