This time, I decided to make the tape with all new material; new songs from small artists that I found in the last few months (+some).  Blog stuff. I endorse all the tracks on here, though.  All are great, a few are ’09 classics.  I’d be interested to see which ones catch on. Let me know.




Tracks below.1. Glad I Met You – D. Gookin

2. My Time Outside The Womb – Titus Andronicus

3. Scorpion – Charles Hamilton

4. Oppressions Each – Brightblack Morning Light

5. Obsessions (Body Language Remix) – Marina & The Diamonds

6. NY Groove – Noreaga

7. The Mountain – Heartless Bastards

8. Final Form – I Am The Cosmos

9. Taken away (Fredrick Carlsson Remix) – Digitalism

10. Early Morning – Fontän

11. Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics) – Kurt Vile

12. Rain On – Woods

13. Bejan – Tanlines

14. Baby Don’t Go – Dum Dum Girls

15. New Hollywood Babylon – Don Cavalli

16. black keys (demo) – Friend


7 Responses to “09ers”

  1. Excellent selections, have you heard Ganglians? I think you would like them since I also ❤ Heartless Bastards, Noreaga, Don Cavalli, Brightblack Morning Light, Kurt Vile, and Digitalism…


  2. rock solid work squire.

  3. i mean a few too many computers for my ears, but very good either way.

  4. i can’t open the file. i can download, but not unzip. re-up?

  5. […] Late-Spring Mixtape. Think of this as a sequel to last years ’09ers mixtape. All songs from the last year, mostly by  little known artists. I have a feeling I’ll have a […]

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