Smiles From Reasons Flow

mcgorlick-parkSo I decided to join the mixtape train. I am at a severe handicap considering the archaic nature of my iTunes library, so forgive the lack of inspiration. That means you will be hearing Rose Melberg 3 times (although, to be fair, in 3 different incarnations). As for the cover, it is the park near my apartment and, well, that is what Spring looks like for me at this point. The album strikes a lighter tone. Anyhow, enjoy. The track list is after this thing (and you will recognize nearly all of it).

1. Disco Inferno – Love Stepping Out

2. The Softies – It’s Love

3. Rocketship – I’m Lost Without You Here

4. Tiger Trap – Words and Smiles

5. Flaming Lips – Gingerale Afternoon

6. Yo La Tengo – Here Comes My Baby (cat stevens cover)

7. Go Sailor – Fine Day For Sailing

8. Hilary Hahn/Stravinsky – Concerto for Violin in D. Major: 1. Toccata

9. Moonbabies – Sun A.M.

10. Whiskeytown – Paper Moon

11. Halo Benders – Surfers Haze

12. Mark Eitzel – Proclaim Your Joy


2 Responses to “Smiles From Reasons Flow”

  1. this looks great! i haven’t heard many of these songs at all. and funny enough, i’ve also been listening to yo la tengo’s cover recently.

  2. great title, too.

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