Sprung Season

Spring Mixtape! Just thought I’d put together a few psychedelic, perhaps confused sounds I feel represent a slow, sensitively blooming spring. Sorta influenced by what I’ve been listening to this past year, sorta influenced by not living in California. Some of these songs are maybe just eager for warmer times. There are a few familiar chords that will be struck, I hope. And bring about a smile, I hope even more. I don’t have much more to say about this one; I hope you like it.

And about the cover, I feel that it represents the opposite of what’s to be heard.



Oh, and just be sure to turn your bass on. Real on! Tracklist after the jump!1. Cat Stevens – I’ve Found a Love

2. Sand – May Rain

3. Gary War – Grown In Shells

4. Telepathe – Can,t Stand It

5. Ralph Lundsten – Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

6. Frankie Knuckles x Animal Collective – Your Love My Girls

7. The Kinks – Young and Innocent Days

8. Deerhunter – After Class

9. Scott Walker – Two Ragged Soldiers

10. Crystal Stilts – Crystal Stilts

11. Nite Jewel – Universal Mind

12. Lotus Plaza – Sunday Night In Atlanta

13. Kraftwerk – Ananas Symphonie


2 Responses to “Sprung Season”

  1. dammit shiv, you beat me to the punch. anways, i have a springtime mix on the way. and the cover couldn’t be more different.

  2. ha, i had a mixtape party to go to, it had to be done… hope you liked it, either way

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