listen log – march 10th edition

I’ve been stuck on the Pains of Being Pure at Heart album for weeks now. Aside from a somewhat like-able and somewhat detestable band name, I think it is my favorite of the year so far. Keeping with the tone, I’ve been revisiting Rocketship a lot as well. I find the bands strikingly similar in so many ways. Also, track two on the Grizzly Bear album is awesome (thanks shiv). What is tickling your ears?


3 Responses to “listen log – march 10th edition”

  1. the pains are definitely good. they’ve led me towards a big smiths listening spree. aside from that, the last three songs on the grizzly bear have got my attention. and another brooklyn band, the crystal stilts. i’ve been working on a bit of a “mixtape” that should be up in a few days.

  2. yeah the crystal stilts are good. i think they are opening for pains some time in may. i’m hopefully seeing pains on friday *fingers crossed*

  3. crystal’s album isn’t fantastic, but i can’t stop listening to it. have fun with the pain. i think that’s what’s been mainly sellin’ em. if you have a chance, “a place to bury strangers” is a brooklyn band i’ve been dying to see (sorry thomas for all those missed chances).

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