Little boys still don’t scare me.

Google maps has saved me a ton of stress while living in New York.  I can find my way around the boroughs, get train times, and now even quell my fears of dying in a nuclear strike on midtown!

This website can show you the thermal damage of a nuclear explosion in any location on google maps.

This picture shows the theoretical destruction caused by a 15 kiloton “Little Boy” landing on midtown Manhattan. As you can see, I’d be quite safe in ol’ Greenpoint…that is until the cancer set in.

Another reason to live in Brooklyn.


2 Responses to “Little boys still don’t scare me.”

  1. if i know anything about how the world works, we are much more in danger of a giant monster decomposing and destroying half the city or disrupting a swank manhattan party we are attending and for some reason filming.

  2. i also feel bad for hunter’s point. what did they ever do?

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