The Swirlies @ The Mercury Lounge 2/27/09

I’m sorry for my second Swirlies related post in about as many days, but I felt like jotting down a few notes on what was a very satisfying concert. They played mostly dreams from their 1996 album They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of Salons (just writing that makes me smile a little) and their (imho) slightly lesser but still excellent Blonder Tongue Audio Baton. After a long time spent fidgeting with the instruments, they finally went on.

All of the stuff I was familiar with (which was thankfully most of the show) sounded utterly fantastic. San Cristobal de las Casas was the standout for me – the guitars sounding more enveloping and hungry live. Damon Tutunjian had coy smiles on his face for most of the gig. I couldn’t tell if he was happy to be playing again after five years or if he simply felt he was missing notes. Aside from two restarts, the songs were played more or less flawlessly. His stage banter was generally hard to understand with references to “something sneaky” and “Holland.” The whole sneaky flute empire thing is confusing.

When asked in an interview if they would be able to replicate the bands studio recordings  Tutunjian said “Oh yeah, absolutely, it’s possible.” Fellow band mate Pierce said: “The studio ideas are impossible to replicate live. Live tends to be a really loud wall of sound, just blistering.”

Aside from being humorous, in ways they were both right. The songs did sound closely related to their albumized cohorts except they were longer, louder, and in a word more physical (if you saw My Bloody Valentine you know what I mean – although this was obviously on a much smaller scale). Overall, I had a great time.

-the picture is actually from their show on Thursday and I will try and find one from last night. He did, however, wear the same sweater 😉


3 Responses to “The Swirlies @ The Mercury Lounge 2/27/09”

  1. jeez, this is really turning into a NYC blog, huh?

  2. you’ll have to fight to win it back san francisco.

  3. Nice, I’d kill for them to hit up the west coast. Hopefully north of San Fran.

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