Kind of a band

Okay, so any of you avid pitchforkers probably already know this, but I was too shocked not to post it.

APPARENTLY (though I’m still inclined to think it’s a big ruse) there’s a new band called the Tinted Windows featuring ambiguously gendered James Iha (from Smashing Pumpkins & APC), Taylor Hanson (formerly ambiguously gendered), and then 2 guys I don’t care about, but who happen to be in Fountains of Wayne & Cheap Trick, respectively. Seems there’s about a 30-year age difference between the Hanson kid & the old fart drummer from Cheap Trick.

Anyway the one track they’ve got on their Myspace isn’t altogether detestable, but that’s not to say it’s particularly good. Just dumb pop music.

Listen to the track entitled Kind of a Girl & then watch the ridiculous video that really makes me think this is an April Fools joke that leaked a month too early.


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