Dan Deacon Really Grew Up

I thought Dan Deacon’s last album Spiderman of the Rings was pretty fun. But I loved it for its outright sillyness. With an album like that though, I wasn’t really expecting him to return with his latest Bromst. It’s epic, dark and outright beautiful. You can tell where this guy has taken the best parts of his last album and expanded/perfected them. Its a huge album, lots of long songs, but some of the best I’ve heard all year. (Snookered –> Surprise Stefani are especially great). Makes me miss my friends, and garaged times.

Dan Deacon – Bromst

I’d also like to post Wavves’ new album. That guy’s growing up to fast. And in all the best ways. Soon, probably. I’ll also try to use the computer for something else but music and free furniture.


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