Title Fight Tonight

None of you guys like David Letterman.

I think you’re wrong about it.

I found this online yesterday.  It’s all about interviews where Dave shines.  When he has no respect for the person he’s interviewing, Letterman has no qualms about letting everyone know about it.  The thing that I love most about him is that this is a man that truly doesn’t give a fuck sometimes.  Guests include Paris Hilton, Gummo director Harmony Korine and an insane interview with Madonna.

This is all fine and good, all this is but a preface to tonight’s show.  Tonight, Dave’s guest will be Rod ‘the Blagosphere’ Blagojevich.

Just sayin’.


4 Responses to “Title Fight Tonight”

  1. i never sent any hate lettermans way. i do have to say though, craig ferguson is a genius. watch him instead of conan.

  2. it will be hard for me to defend that last statement, so i won’t.

  3. i agree tho. conans a bit too childish for me. and ferguson’s a bonafied nut.

  4. alright!

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