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The End is Nigh

Posted in books, film with tags , on February 28, 2009 by kevin

So I just finished reading Watchmen (in spectacularly commonplace fashion – right before the release of the film) and I got to thinking about the film. It is my opinion that it will be inevitably bad. Don’t get me wrong, the book is an extremely entertaining read, I just feel that the film’s reportedly faithful rendering of it will be its ultimate downfall.

I am all for authenticity when it comes to source material, but I would like to point out cases where films particularly shone because they chose to take the source as a springboard rather than a bible. Off the top of my head, Kubrick comes immediately to mind. Read A Clockwork Orange and especially 2001 if you want to get where I am coming from. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a more controversial pick on my part, is another direction in which I would point.

The case here is a little different. As a graphic novel, Watchmen is in many ways cinematic. At the same time, it is also relies upon its medium. The clever (albeit often obvious) banter between text and picture is simply something a film cannot produce. I guess they could try with voice overs, but that is always a road wearily traveled. I will be seeing the film, although my hopes are not as high as some other people I know. Any thoughts out there?

Beware! LOTW

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I was just gonna have ‘leak of the week’ be a one week thing, but these things keep coming out.

Bonnie ‘Prawns’ Billy – Beware (2009)

NOTE: It’s still uploading.  The link should be up by 6:30 pm PDT.

bonnie prince billy beware

Not as immediate as Lie Down in the Light, Beware is a slow burner.  He added some slide guitar, so I guess this is his country album.  I don’t remember song names yet, but it starts and ends very strong.  It’s a keeper.

The Swirlies @ The Mercury Lounge 2/27/09

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I’m sorry for my second Swirlies related post in about as many days, but I felt like jotting down a few notes on what was a very satisfying concert. They played mostly dreams from their 1996 album They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of Salons (just writing that makes me smile a little) and their (imho) slightly lesser but still excellent Blonder Tongue Audio Baton. After a long time spent fidgeting with the instruments, they finally went on.

All of the stuff I was familiar with (which was thankfully most of the show) sounded utterly fantastic. San Cristobal de las Casas was the standout for me – the guitars sounding more enveloping and hungry live. Damon Tutunjian had coy smiles on his face for most of the gig. I couldn’t tell if he was happy to be playing again after five years or if he simply felt he was missing notes. Aside from two restarts, the songs were played more or less flawlessly. His stage banter was generally hard to understand with references to “something sneaky” and “Holland.” The whole sneaky flute empire thing is confusing.

When asked in an interview if they would be able to replicate the bands studio recordings  Tutunjian said “Oh yeah, absolutely, it’s possible.” Fellow band mate Pierce said: “The studio ideas are impossible to replicate live. Live tends to be a really loud wall of sound, just blistering.”

Aside from being humorous, in ways they were both right. The songs did sound closely related to their albumized cohorts except they were longer, louder, and in a word more physical (if you saw My Bloody Valentine you know what I mean – although this was obviously on a much smaller scale). Overall, I had a great time.

-the picture is actually from their show on Thursday and I will try and find one from last night. He did, however, wear the same sweater 😉

The NeverEnding Story…indeed.

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So, a crappy year in film should inspire those hard working people in Hollywood, right?  I mean, shouldn’t the fact that “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” only took home technical awards tell you that people are smart enough to realize that Fincher took a CGI dump (although, a gorgeous dump) on a Forrest Gump remake?  Hollywood doesn’t think so!  Instead of searching for that great new screenplay, director, or original idea, the execs at the studios find it easier just to hire a couple kids with iphones to scour IMDB and pick out a piece of nostalgia from a generation’s childhood that they can exploit.

A ton of “Coming Soon” blogs report that Warner Bros. is in the works to make a modernized version of “The NeverEnding Story”.  I’m not gonna go overboard and claim that Hollywood is destroying a cinematic classic, but come ON!  I’m just expressing my pre-emptive anger caused by the moment when I see the teaser trailer before Will Smith’s “Karate Kid” (rumored), showing Falkor looking like a CGI composite of all three of the Jonas Brothers and starring Michael Cera, Miley Cyrus, and Dwayne Johnson as the Rock Biter. (Ha…get it?)

Like I said, I am not gonna be one of those people that claims that “The NeverEnding Story” changed my life and blah blah blah, but I will be one of those people that claims that the theme song changed my life.  Once again, I’m pre-pissed off because you know someone at Warner Bros. will screw it up and do something like pay for “six million dollar man” surgery for Travis Barker and get Blink 182 back together to redo it. In a the spirit of a mini nostalgia fest, and to calm me down, here is a video of Kid’s Inc. singing the song that NeverEnds…in your heart.

P.S. I dream of the Flaming Lips using their Warner Bros. contacts to try and take a stab at the theme song.

P.P.S. I feel like I should say both, “I’m sorry” and “You’re welcome” for such a long post on this subject. 😀

Rachel Ray fondles ass and is (apparently) actually sort of cool?

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In the spirit of trying to keep this blog with at least one post a day…


Kind of a band

Posted in lady-men, monsters, music, ouchies!, skepticism, white people on February 26, 2009 by Micah Gordon

Okay, so any of you avid pitchforkers probably already know this, but I was too shocked not to post it.

APPARENTLY (though I’m still inclined to think it’s a big ruse) there’s a new band called the Tinted Windows featuring ambiguously gendered James Iha (from Smashing Pumpkins & APC), Taylor Hanson (formerly ambiguously gendered), and then 2 guys I don’t care about, but who happen to be in Fountains of Wayne & Cheap Trick, respectively. Seems there’s about a 30-year age difference between the Hanson kid & the old fart drummer from Cheap Trick.

Anyway the one track they’ve got on their Myspace isn’t altogether detestable, but that’s not to say it’s particularly good. Just dumb pop music.

Listen to the track entitled Kind of a Girl & then watch the ridiculous video that really makes me think this is an April Fools joke that leaked a month too early.

The Swirlies are back!

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After a five year hiatus, The Swirlies have reemerged and will be playing a few shows over on this side of the continent. I will be going Friday and posting my thoughts in response to this post if anyone is interested. I believe I turned at least a few of you onto the swirlies, yeah? Anyhow, get their older stuff here for free. The one you want is They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of Salons. Enjoy!

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