For People With a MacBook and a TV


The TV and computer always seemed like they’d make a good fit, but for some reason it’s taken them (who?) like forever to come up with a practical way to use a laptop on a TV screen.  I’m not saying that everything’s about to change with Boxee, but it does work pretty well.  It’s focus is media, which is good because surfing the internet on a TV is all sorts of pointless.

Once you install it (you need to register at their site too), it will automatically find files in the Music and Movies folders. You can set it up to find files in other folders as well. But the real cool part is that you can go to all the streaming video sites with only a couple clicks too.  Hulu, YouTube and even the Netflix streams are all there. Less useful, but still nice are hook ups to Flikr and There are some questionable social aspects like Twittering what you’ve been watching and having Boxee friends, but they don’t really get in the way. I’ve found the settings too be overly simplistic and confusing which is usually a bad combo.

Boxee was designed to work with the Mac remote.  There’s a on screen keyboard that you can use, and navigation is all arrows.  Did you guy’zis MacBooks come with remotes? I ended up looking through the packaging and couldn’t find one.

Boxee is really impressive and its only in Alpha, so there should be a lot more to come.  All in all, a good little download.



2 Responses to “For People With a MacBook and a TV”

  1. what cord do you use to jack into the tv and does it work with old powerbooks?

  2. i bought this:

    It has a s-video and a regular yellow video jack. You have to plug in the sound separately though.

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