Holy Boop! We’re One Year Old

In fact we missed it, it was January 10th.  Why not put together a little retrospective?

Our First Post


Our 10 Most Popular Posts

Great Pacific Garbage 14,235
hot dogs 6,395
bee-el-zeh-BOOF-oh 3,330
Dead Monster on Montauk Shore 1,470
Teeth in the Motherfuckin’ Ovary 1,003
The Moon Versus Us Sleeping Together Eve 612
Cultural Borders vs Political Borders in 515
Colossal Squid, big peepers 398
Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie 354
Post Post Post Post 342

Least popular and stats below.

The Least Popular (all one view each)

where’s the dip?
just look…
No More Waitin’
Arsenic and Schist
’09 Livin’
Post Numero Uno, plus DANCE!
The Italian Alps
Happy Birthday Kathleen
I Love This Guy!
I Don’t Even Care if This is Real or Not
UNBLOG un blog
Just Throwing It Out There
Organic, But Kind of a Drive Too
Black Coffee
Median post:

Poor John Cale

Total posts: 306
Most popular day:

August 4 thanks to Shiv and the Montauk monster


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