Go Ahead, Call Me a Lobbyist


In light of this upcoming annual debacle I thought I’d put in my two cents in the form of what one might consider a wintertime mix. No real surprises; perhaps just some old goodies that might have been forgotten earlier in the year. Lots of duplicate artists just to keep you guessing!

I got lazy and mixed all the songs alphabetically – however, I find it a quite natural arrangement and it also tells a funny titular story when you look at it right. The Best of 2008.* For those not interested in being swayed by my political double-dealings, don’t follow the jump:

1. Antillas – El Guincho

2. Easy Does It – Bonnie “Prince” Billy

3. In  the New Year – The Walkmen

4. Lights Out for Darker Skies – British Sea Power

5. My Time Outside the Womb – Titus Andronicus

6. Nothing Ever Happened – Deerhunter

7. Postcards from Tiny Islands – The Walkmen

8. Ready for the Floor – Hot Chip

9. Ready, Set, Glow – Atlas Sound

10. River Card – Atlas Sound

11. Side Yr On – Wavves

12. Such a Joke – Vivian Girls

13. Sweet Love for Planet Earth – Fuck Buttons

14. Teenage Super Party – Wavves

15. Too Drunk to Dream – The Magnetic Fields

16. Vox Celeste – Deerhunter

17. Water Curses – Animal Collective

18. Waving Flags – British Sea Power

19. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes


4 Responses to “Go Ahead, Call Me a Lobbyist”

  1. Good looking cover, Tom! But I already have 90% of the songs…

  2. yah, you lobbyist

  3. real good looking cover tho.

  4. oh, and i just read the story. I particularly like the lines: “Sweet love for planet earth / teenage super party”

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