Forty Five Years Later

Thanksgiving, 1963

Thanksgiving, 1963

Every year on the anniversary, Coast to Coast has a four hour special on the JFK assassination.  This year it was hosed by Ian Punnett (what does it take to get Art Bell back for a couple hours?).   Here’s a semi-exclusive podcast of the show.  There are deathbed confessions and new revelations from former presidents.  All the conspiracy you could ask for.  Enjoy.

Nov. 22, 2008


2 Responses to “Forty Five Years Later”

  1. typewritermender Says:

    John, you officially receive the award for the most boring thing ever posted on a blog ever. 4 hour radio documentary? It could be about baseball, modest mouse & college girls experimenting with homosexuality & i still wouldn’t listen.

  2. Man, I know you don’t listen to talk radio that much, but it’s a good listen for work or a drive. Think of it as a nice leisurely podcast. There’s segments and a variety of guests that examine different aspects of the story. If you’re interested in the subject give it a shot, (You’re gonna hate me for this) even though the first hour is a bit slow.

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