Ushering In The Season

It’s been a pretty silly morning so far, so i decided to finalize my “best college songs” for blogification. The end of the year is, thankfully, coming up and there are going to be lists flying all over this cyber-hyperspace. This is a pretty whimisical list mainly consisting of those precious songs my college couldn’t live without. I, at first, attempted to make a college mix tape–with all the gems I have–but it was 8 hours long. So here’s a concise listing of, perhaps the best, or at least for me the most nostalgic songs released in the last four years.

10. Jens Lekman – Pocketful of Money

9. TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

8. M.I.A. – Paper Planes

7. Grizzly Bear – Knife

6. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

Oh shit! If all my friends already made the list, what’ll be next! Make the jump to see the rest and watch the videos, bros

5. Liars – The Other Side of Mount Heart Attack

4. Animal Collective -Grass

3. Deerhunter – Strange Lights

2. The Knife – Silent Shout

1. Panda Bear – Bros

There are no major surprises here, of course. You’ve all seen me trip and fall and break my glasses at least once, to each of these. Post yours!


One Response to “Ushering In The Season”

  1. I love the list. I’ll make my own — however, I’m afraid that that I’d just repeat the essentials. That Liars video (not to mention the song) is great. Its part of the video companion to the album. We should get drunk afternoon and watch the whole thing.

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