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Forty Five Years Later

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Thanksgiving, 1963

Thanksgiving, 1963

Every year on the anniversary, Coast to Coast has a four hour special on the JFK assassination.  This year it was hosed by Ian Punnett (what does it take to get Art Bell back for a couple hours?).   Here’s a semi-exclusive podcast of the show.  There are deathbed confessions and new revelations from former presidents.  All the conspiracy you could ask for.  Enjoy.

Nov. 22, 2008

“Big Slithering Eels in the Sky”; or “Why the Middle East & Asia are so much cooler than us”

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So, I was checking out Time Magazine’s Top Inventions of 2008…and number 16 is the Dynamic Tower that’s set to be completed in 2010 in…you guessed it, Dubai. Every floor of the building rotates at different speeds, something that’s sure to give a very eely look to any skyline. It’s pretty cool. And, if the second thought that came to your mind was “what a waste of energy!” Well, despite being in the middle east, the building will be completely green…it’ll generate its own wind/solar power! Woop! America’s falling way behind in 3 very important revolutions: The Dynamic Architecture revolution, the Green Revolution, and the Really Cool Shit Revolution. I say Obama’s first task should be to convert the white house into a slithery Green house.

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Music for Colder Weather (For You and Me Both)

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I’ve been telling John about this post for a while. There are a few albums, 3, that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and have become, in a few words, “all time faveskies.” Since 2008 has almost completely blown it, its been easy to give these a few hundred listens to. And they’re just perfect for the weather, and work even better with the upcoming Eves we’ll be having. Each of them are a little different, but I love the lot.

The Chameleons UK – Strange Times

I love this. Post-punk at its finest. Sounds like the Cure if the Cure knew what they were doing . Sounds like Joy Division, New Order, The Wake, yadda…and at times quite a lot like British Sea Power. Also, it came out in ’86, the year a few of us were born which is another good silly reason to love it.

Disco Inferno – D.I. Go Pop

Lots of “sound collage” in this one. I don’t really know how to describe it except that now, with the upcoming winter and a great big hopeful year heading my way, it’s perfect.

And last,

Arthur Russell – Calling Out of Context

What can I say about this guy. He’s clearly influenced a lot of the artists I like now–Jens, Panda Bear, TV on the Radio, to name a few… From folk to noise stuff, everything this guy touches (especially when he touches his cello) is golden. This is a big claim but the Male Joni might not be too far off the bat. His voice and all its directions throw me for a loop and a half. I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately. Great pop songs with simple, sweet, beautiful lyrics.

David Archuleta

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Thanks Grizzly Bear for posting this video of “The Most Horrible Day.” Choice quotes include: “How could they do that, how could they vote for a guy that doesn’t shave!”

Also, for those that haven’t had enough Fall mixtapes, Here’s another one. It’s pretty good. I probably just think so because it copies mine a little bit. Thanks GrizB, for that too (and of course for the Brother Sport leak).

I don’t understand you Stink Onions! (and other fun etymologies)

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The following image is from the Atlas of True Names. It’s a pretty cool map that replaces the geographical names with their (occasionally false/presumed) etymologies. Here’s a snapshot of North America. “Stink Onion” is my home town (I actually already knew that one). My favorite, though, is “I Don’t Understand You!” which is the apparent etymology of the word “Yucatan.” Although language log contests the story, apparently Spanish explorers asked natives what the land was called, to which they replied “Yuk ak katan,” which in their language meant “I don’t understand you!” It’s a hilarious story and I hope it’s true, but LL chalks it up to a common etymological “folklore” that pops up all over the world. Nevertheless, it made it into this atlas, so that means it’s true, right?

Click on the link above for a bigger/more complete map.

(one more quick note: Trinidad & Tobago means exactly what you would think it means: Trinity & Tobacco. Fun name)

I Don’t Even Care if This is Real or Not

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Gary Busey’s Blog


Go Fuck Yourself, Bud

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Yeah there are some problems, it being… a city, but this is shit.