Wednesday Night Internet Roundup

Well, I’ve been poking around the Internet and found a few pieces worth mentioning.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion after a week or so that the Daily Beast is a pretty good internet news source.  At first glance it seems scattered, but once you get past the insane design of the page, there’s some consistently interesting stuff.  The basic concept is that the site takes highbrow news items and and puts them in a tabloid.  The biggest asset though is that unlike a few other web-magazines, it doesn’t overreach.  It does a few things well (enough), and doesn’t want to be a full fledged news outlet.  Because I already have
  • Chuck Rose and Slate both get a nod for teaming up to give me some meaty PBS interviews on my computer.
  • White People have their own real estate site now with Gentrify.  It actually is a good resource for finding an apartment if you don’t mind the entire website making fun of you.

Finally, this one doesn’t quite get the endorsement:

  • The problem with this potentially great German image search engine is that it’s ‘semantic’ which roughly translates to ‘buggy’ in English.

It’s good to see we’ve got a few people coming back.  It’s really starting to feel like a good old family blog again.


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