Electoral Map Predictions?

So NY Times online lets you make your own Electoral Maps…they offer their predictions based on polling, too. I’ve made my predictions. Anyone care to put in their 2 cents? Or maybe $5? Make this interesting? Obama’s gonna kick some McAss.


2 Responses to “Electoral Map Predictions?”

  1. typewritermender Says:

    Me & John each got 2 (possibly 3) wrong. I thought Nevada & Florida would go red, John thought Georgia would go blue and Indiana would go red. John has N.C. red & I have it blue, so however North Carolina ends up will decide the victor! This is way more important than the actual election folks! Sure, Obama is our next president, blah blah blah, but who is our next Top Put it Up Electoral Pundit? We’ll have to wait til all the votes are counted.

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