As an answer and companion to the recent “OTEM MIXTAPE, 08” is this also a seasonal collection of songs which mark the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

This is a mix of sentiment. Thoughtful concern over the nature of friends and crucifixions. What “leisure suits” are to follow in the wake of range lives, or perhaps not? Have we reached “the end of the line” or is it just the Oregon line? There will the stars only get brighter, will the wind blow? Will we have future memories of the age twenty four? Will it be just like heaven!?! — Or should we not worry about all these silly questions and just remember to love or learn to love that “someone’s alone in the city, tonight.” Yes, that seems right. And to complete the mix is a beautiful waltz that marked the end of “Golden Afternoons”; and consequently, the end of summer.

Find the songs HERE. Or for the hesitant, follow jump for track listings.


1. Deerhunter – Calvary Scars

2. Pavement – Harness Your Hopes

3. Woody Guthrie – End of the Line

4. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind

5. The Microphones – I Want Wind to Blow (Destroyed Version)

6. Centro-Matic – Twenty Four

7. Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

8. Dinosaur Jr – Just Like Heaven

9. MGMT – Kids

10. The Ronettes – Do I Love You?

11. John Maus – Do Your Best

12. The Walkmen – Postcards from Tiny Islands

13. Bill & Belle Reed – Old Lady & the Devil

14. Leonard Cohen – Tennessee Waltz [live]



  1. Good to have you back, Tommy. AUTUMNALLOVERAGAIN is going onto a CD-R right now. I’m excited.

  2. i liked it. i’m trying to make my own but don’t know how to upload this shit.

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