Of Course I Want to Know What the Inside of Wayne Coyne’s House Looks Like

There’s always been something about the Flaming Lips head that has kept me strangely drawn to them.   I actually buy Lips CDs, in this age.  I think I have five or six.  So something like this, I can admire.

On this particular day, the band’s roadies were in a workshop behind the house building a “500-pound human brain,” …

It’s a NYT story on life with the Coynes.  There aren’t enough pictures but I likeded it ok enough.

Also, Coyne’s directorial debut Christmas on Mars is finally here.  I use here loosely because here isn’t anywhere near the West Coast.  Dates and the rad old school trailer below.

Now Playing:
New York, New York: The KGB Complex’s Kraine Theater

Extended Run:
San Antonio, Texas: Alamo Drafthouse, October 19 until the end of the year

Limited Engagements:
Des Moines, Iowa: Nova 10 Cinemas, October 1
Columbia, South Carolina: The Nickelodeon, October 3-5
Moline, Illinois: Nova 6 Cinemas, October 5
Atlanta, Georgia: Plaza Theatre, October 8
Peoria, Illinois: Reynold’s Cinemas at Landmark, October 10
Naperville, Illinois: Nova 8 Cinemas, October 11
Nashville, Tennessee: The Belcourt, October 17
Dallas, Texas: Landmark Inwood Theater, October 17-18
Whitewater, Wisconsin: Theatres of Whitewater, October 17
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Geneva 4, October 18
West Bend, Wisconsin: Paradise Theatre, October 19
Madison, Wisconsin: The Orpheum, October 21-24
Waterville, Maine: Railroad Square Cinema, October 23
Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Brattle, October 31-November 9
Omaha, Nebraska: Film Streams / Ruth Sokolof Theater, October 31
Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Cinematheque, November 8-9
Columbus, Ohio: Landmark Gateway Theater, November 14-15
Denver, Colorado: Landmark Esquire Theatre, November 14-15
Hartford, Connecticut: Real Art Ways, November 21-23
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Landmark Uptown Theatre, November 22



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