The Korean Candidate

Two Items:

Many young democrats will try to ‘ride the top of the ticket,’ getting a bounce because they’re on the same ballot as Barack Obama.  This is a hallowed political tradition in the U.S.  In Brazil, the tradition calls for putting whatever name you want to call yourself on the ballot.  Six politicians figured ‘Barack Obama’ was a popular enough name and are running as Barack Obama.


Kim Jong Il has maybe had a stroke and no one outside of North Korea knows who’s maybe running the country/military while Kim is in his coma.

Or he’s been dead since ’03 and they’re just using body doubles.  Toshimitsu Shigemura a professor from Waseda University in Tokyo thinks so.  And look at this side by side…

This ones a bit small I know.  More compelling photos below.


One Response to “The Korean Candidate”

  1. possibly the best fakey i’ve seen

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