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Happy Birthday Shiv.

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just look…

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that‘s all

Call Up Wells

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Call up Wells Fargo, and put your savings account into Euros/gold, because we’re just a few days away from  HYPERINFLATION.

-Hell, even though he goes off the deep end half way through, Ron Paul gives the most succinct and least BS laden explanation of some of this.

-One of the few economists agree with, Joe Stiglitz talks collapse.

-Newsweek smart guy Fareed Zakaria hopes that everything is just peachy.

-and the NYT editorial board can always cheer you up too…

UNBLOG un blog

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In conversation with both John and Greg, this blog has come up numerous times. It isn’t daily…mostly weekly and worth a look at…and in most cases, a listen to.  OngakuBaka is he. I don’t know. They should be added to our blogroll. I should probably do that now. Either way, Greg, John and whoever else wants some music…this blog is fun and (fairly) consistant.

Also, I especially recommend the Women – Women (2008) download It’s been said that they resemble at times “The Velvet Underground, at others This Heat, and even others Swell Maps.” I like all three. This album is fantastic.

The Korean Candidate

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Two Items:

Many young democrats will try to ‘ride the top of the ticket,’ getting a bounce because they’re on the same ballot as Barack Obama.  This is a hallowed political tradition in the U.S.  In Brazil, the tradition calls for putting whatever name you want to call yourself on the ballot.  Six politicians figured ‘Barack Obama’ was a popular enough name and are running as Barack Obama.


Kim Jong Il has maybe had a stroke and no one outside of North Korea knows who’s maybe running the country/military while Kim is in his coma.

Or he’s been dead since ’03 and they’re just using body doubles.  Toshimitsu Shigemura a professor from Waseda University in Tokyo thinks so.  And look at this side by side…

This ones a bit small I know.  More compelling photos below. Continue reading

Bleep Bloop Shimmy Shimmy

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To contrast, some things from aught-eight.

Here’s Passion Pit.  Cuddle Fuddle and Sleepyhead (I know that one) are sure to be hits around this part of the web.

Passion Pit –  Chunk of Change

Then there’s this.  I can’t get this song out of my head.

All this stuff is Space Disco/Electro Rock which seems to be a popular genre these days.  TV on the Radio just did a Space Disco album which I liked too.  What did you guys think of it?

1,300 Miles and the Same Old Songs

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Here are some Oldies I enjoyed over a span of thirteen hundred miles.

Novos Baianos – Acabou Chorare (1972)

Sort of like: Brazil, a jam band.


Zoot Woman – Living In A Magazine (2001)

Sort of like: Junior Boys, just Junior Boys, but it’s good. Really.


Sparklehorse – Good Morning Spider (1998)

Sort of like: the Flaming Lips, Murk.


Pavement – Wowee Zowee (1995)

Sort of like: An under-appreciated Pavement album.


All are highly recomended.  In fact, they’re some of my favorite albums.  I really don’t know why it took so long for me to gush about them.  (I didn’t check any of the links, so tell me if any don’t work).