Long time no update.

Hello guys,
Its been a long time. I have moved into a new apartment (center and sycamore) and am living the HTD life without power until Wednesday. I’m at Lucca now, I wish you were here. Anyway, here are a few links and things:

Vice Magazine’s website usually has some pretty interesting content, right now to parallel the Olympics, they have a lot on China. If you want to hear about Communist censorship of the internet, Beijing’s underground punk scene, or the most polluted city in the world check it out.

Speaking of the Olympics did anyone see Michael Bolt? That guy rules.

On Friday I listened to a really interesting piece on NPR about what makes chili peppers hot.

There is a boat show on Tuesday if anyone in the area is interested.

I think that is all for now. See you again soon.
p.s. Bummer about Bigfoot.


2 Responses to “Long time no update.”

  1. i’m on boat.

  2. btw, greg.. this is for you http://www.vimeo.com/1340684

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