Dead Monster on Montauk Shore

This beast rolled up on shore very near a Government testing facility in Long Island.

Whether the connection with Uncle Sam is legit, I don’t know. Maybe he was just going for a friendly beast ride. Either way, pretty cool. VIA


36 Responses to “Dead Monster on Montauk Shore”

  1. saramurray Says:

    This is weeeeiiird! he looks as though he’s already been roasted and is ready eat. what the hell kind of botched up genetic splicing are they doing over there? Can’t they make attractive animals?

  2. I know the blog isn’t doing great, but that’s no reason to put pictures of dead otters on it.

  3. Exclusive video about Monster of Montauk here:

  4. Don’t click on that link. Think it’s what gave me the virus.

  5. Get out of here terry!

  6. The Monster of Montauk mystery SOLVED!
    I found another archived photo and solved this mystery

  7. ohhhhh this is cool! danggg we need more pictures and info on this beastly thing. disection maybe? i really want to know more about this. its really interesting. my friends and i think its really neat and we want more of them. maybe a naked mole rat and turtle and baby mix? possibly a little dog mix? hmm im not sure. i want to become a scientist so…yeah this is super duper stuff that i am just soaking up all the feed back on it. its weird that it has a beak..dont you agree? i mean maybe a bird mated with a naked mole rat i mean is that possible? i just dont understand. its really weird how it has like human like features like the filanges (fingers) if you all dont know what im talking about…so if another washes up on make a private lake i mean is it like the locnus monster? OH maybe its like….um idkk? does it have boobies? or is it just male. how could it do it? out break of crabs on the face? possibly AIDS my other doctor friend says. my health teacher showed me pictures and i really want to know more about that cause my b.f scratches sometimes. well im going to go watch that 70’s show so hope you find some more info out…


  8. welcome back everyone! we are back…first off i wanted to let you know that we are NOT watching that 70’s show we are now watching CBN news…hoping for juicy info about this creacher feature. currently waiting for more pictures to load. to see if they cut this bitch open. sorry that was my gansta talk. im a cracker/honkey but i got some gansta lookin hair. ya know the real kind. WATCHING BACK FROM THE DEAD NOW. im certian there is a ghost in my house and determinded to catch it sometime soon. ohhhh i forgot to tell you..has anyone seen the target commercial lately with the amazing song..YESSS by enur. fo rizzle. why does this thing has ears? im kinda confused about this whole matter. john is like no no they will understand. um, im really excited for my science classes this year cause im giong to do a report on it and possibly disect it..i may be on the news so watch me betch. jk jk, but ya know i might be there. i got that from kelly..ya know like those are my shoes betch. let me borrow that top. ya know all those songs? yeahh amazing so if you havent watched it you really should. sunkist is simply amazing. oh my butt is jinglying. does this thing have a butt? i really want some jiggly J-E-LL-O. make the boys say HELLO! 😉 whoop whoop. get some…more pictures duhh! haha gotcha. so i just crackled my fingers and they feel much better. can this creature crack its fingers? or no? i need answers…im missing my other scintest friend at the moment. oh im so comfotable right now. i got this pillow. yummm. drink break. OH! have you seen never back down? amazing hot guys! woo better then i have ever seen. orlando maybe next year? hmm. idk well i guess im off cause i need to ponder my ideas on this topic with boobies? HA i love itt…my tummy is full! but eye boogers are a problem. well peace out…again

    dont mess!

  9. well. we figured out its a damn raccoon. SHIT! we need a picture of another different fugly thing. my bad for the 2 things before this. i just really needed to know, i did research and well….damn im so disappointed. 😦 ugh.

  10. Hey, This is scientist #3. Aka Emily. Amber How are you? Nobody is responding to our research. Very Dissapointting. : (


  11. scientist #1 checking in, ugh i know scientist #3 it is disappointing. but i looked up more research and found that it was a racoon. i was very bored today. but took a nice 2 hour nap. how was babysitting?

  12. Well How nice of you to be concerned Scientist #1. Today I finally acceptted the fact that tis is a racoon. 😦 But BabySitting Is going good Its 8:50 am and Im up. So thats desturbing. But A nap is calling my name right now. But what are you doing labor day week-end?

  13. scientist #1 backk. oh that is early, i woke up at 10 in my “beachy” room! haha its suchh a nice day out today i think im going to lay out and possibly take a nap. i wish we couldve went to the beach today! ahaha burnt toast again! but i dont think im doing anything labor day..why are you asking scientist #3.

    (we are such losers) 🙂

  14. Well Scientist # 1 I want you to go canoeing with me and my family. And Maybe we can Find some Creatures. lol. But yes today is delightful. And Im trying to stay not burnt for volleyball. So yea I hope you can go with me canoeing!

    And you are the loserest.

    Take that!

  15. I think that it is a bobcat. If you look at the patch of fur on it, you can tell the color of it and the body is the same type as a bobcats. I don’t think it looks at all like a racoon.. just my opinion.

  16. dear tucker..this is scientist #1…i do not see fur..and if you look at other clearly says its a racoon. head, jaw, fingers, and all proves its a racoon..bobcats do not have fingers :]

  17. Yes. This Is Scientist #3 And Duhh This Isnt a Bobcat! We (Gabemam) Have concluded this is a Racoon So thats What it is.

  18. Bobcats Do NOT have fingers!!!!!!! Yes Betch NO Fingers

  19. It looks like it’s a turtle out of it’s shell.

  20. Is it a turtle or is it a dog .Nobody knows.

  21. They didn’t even take dna.

  22. It can’t be a racoon!!!!!! It’s a turtle out of it’s shell,I tell you.It’s not a bobcat either!!!

  23. It can’t be a racoon!!!!!! It’s a turtle out of it’s shel.It’s not a bobcat either!!!

  24. It can’t be a racoon!!!!!! It’s a turtle out of it’s shell.

  25. IT IS NOT A OTTER !!!! So shutup John

  26. IT IS NOT A OTTER !!!! So shutup John.

  27. IT IS NOT A OTTER !!!!

  28. I think it looks like a dog…. kind of.

  29. whats so very weird is it looks like there is a human hand on it..

  30. it looks like it has leather on its human hand……………………………..MUAhahahahahahhaa

  31. my cousin natilie think it’s not real

  32. it doesn’t look real….could it be real.

  33. could somebody drop it in the ocean

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