Christian The Lion

Having been separated from all of you beautiful people for almost a month now, I can’t help but occasionally wonder when I’ll next see you guys, and what it’ll be like. Maybe it will be a long long time–maybe not. I just hope the reunion will be as good as this one.

Forgive my sentimentality. This video made me weep just a little (The sound track doesn’t hurt, nor does The View’s commentary). Shiv, Kathleen, and Wes: I think you guys will especially enjoy this.

LOVE, sara.


3 Responses to “Christian The Lion”

  1. kathleenmarisol Says:

    Yeah, makes me cry everytime. Mom and Sister too.

  2. This clip terrifies me. Yes, lions are beautiful creatures but the way he jumps up on those men at the end just gives me the shivers. The lion clearly loves them but at any moment he could just chomp on them! … But I guess if you really love someone you’ll do crazy things like that.


  3. Your story was really inmaefotivr, thanks!

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