In my love affair with San Francisco I often consider that some of my favorite authors, musicians, artists, personalities etc may have sat in the exact spot in the park where I am, or purchased their cigarettes from a corner store I frequent, or hung out in front of the Lucky Dry Cleaners, on Haight and Central, under the same shabby neon sign featuring a weary shamrock. Anyways, it’s comforting to know that all the music hasn’t been written and neither have the poems. The other day I made friends with a guy named Christopher Owens.He used to play in Holy Shit with our friend Ariel Pink (if he’s not your friend he should be), and now fronts the band Girls, who are about to go on tour, even making a stop in France to play the Midi festival.  Something tells me they’ll do pretty well. Anyway, they just signed for their first album, but you can hear some songs on their myspace: They aren’t bad. I’d reccomend a listen after a long night, lying in your bed, intoxicated, ready for some sweet dronings. Turn up the volume. Love you guys. P.S. “Lust for life” is the one I imagine Shiv dancing to a bunch. No guns, but still.


One Response to “Girls”

  1. you’re right, girls are rad.

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