Inane Arguments #1 : ‘They’re gonna stop making movies.’

A new feature where the internet says two different things about the same subject and you can decide who’s making themselves out to be the ass.

No, but really, there are some interesting things said on both sides here.  Interesting things to consider while looking into the future of… the movies.

Indie film is dead

No it’s not, it’s just on YouTube

Both are reacting to this, a very good keynote at the LA Film Fest.

Why’s this all happening? 

Blogger/Author/Economist Tyler Cowen sums it up in his book Creative Distruction by saying that Hollywood studios now have to make films that are aimed towards a more global audience.  The cost of marketing, actors, ect. has just gotten tobe too high.  So the less risky the film will be internationally (i.e. very visual action/comedy) the more international appeal.  Dialogue doesn’t always translate, but Will Smith and explosions do.  Hollywood can’t afford indie pictures anymore because the business side of Hollywood has changed. The market it works within is just too big for what you could call a niche picture.

That’s one theory at least.


One Response to “Inane Arguments #1 : ‘They’re gonna stop making movies.’”

  1. Will Smith is the great equalizer

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