Colossal Squid, big peepers

Saw a second of this on the tele and today found the nytimes article. It has the biggest eyes of any animal ever found on earth, measuring in at 11 inches across, or, as the article put it, bigger than an average dinner plate. Oh, and apparently they use the term Colossal Squid now? I guess thats cool.



2 Responses to “Colossal Squid, big peepers”

  1. Want to find out more about our Colossal Squid?

    We’re pulling our squid out of formalin and moving it to its new display tank. Watch our scientists on a live webcast and blog on Wednesday 6 August starting 9am NZ time (USA: Tuesday 5 August 2pm to 5pm, UK: Tuesday 10pm), for one day only.

    Check out the full programme on the Te Papa website.

    Love to hear what you think!

  2. Well, honestly in my opinion you should let the squid go and stop observing it. The squid is probably stressed from all of the attention its recieving. I know it’s your job to study this delicate creature, but let it be.

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