Dogs and Cats in the Morning

I visited Tremble today and found some pictures of some cute animals.
Although Todd Levin (of Tremble) has the Corgi listed as his least favorite dog ever, he made two exceptions, which I think are quite agreeable:
1. Corgi with Wheels:

and 2. Corgi on its back:

These Corgis are better than your typical Corgi, Todd, I agree.

— And to top it off, he posted a picture of his cats which is just ridiculously cute.

Animals make the internet run.


3 Responses to “Dogs and Cats in the Morning”

  1. shiv, this is just cute. look at that little guy loungin. i cant get over it.

  2. Who’s picture is that? I’m wondering because i’ve saw the same picture of the corgi on its back being sold as artwork on this website
    Corgis are pretty cute though.

  3. How can anyone not totally love a Corgi? The link to the picture of a Corgi on its back was broken so I could not see the picture. However, I know what it probably looks like. My Corgi’s spent a lot of time on their back chewing on a toy.

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