Steve Reich, Circa 2008

Steve Reich is a man John introduced me to last year. He has done a lot of experimental jazz/minimalist work like Music by 18 Musicians which blew my mind. Then, Ron Silliman brought him up (again and again) when I was doing some research for my paper. His album Drumming: also, very good (I’ve only streamed it. Anyone want to find it and put it upskies?).

Little did I know that Mr. Reich is still making music.  He has called his new album, Daniel Variations “a memorial and a remembrance” of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. And here’s a tidbit I stole from another blog: “Daniel Variations‘ is both moving and unsettling, and, for the most part, understandably dark in tone. Alex Ross of the New Yorker observed that, in Reich’s writing, there is ‘A new influx of coiled power: fleets of pianos and percussion tap out telegraphic patterns, warning of the next big crash.'” Here’s the new album if you wanna give it a try.

Steve ReichDaniel Variations

To sum it up, I think he’s a brilliant composer and you guys should check him out. Want to see some live action?


2 Responses to “Steve Reich, Circa 2008”

  1. Steve Reich is an absolutely amazing composer! Such cool stuff. There is a great biography out there on him that is well worth the read. Be sure to look into his phasing music (Clapping Music, Music for Pieces of Wood, Piano Phase).

  2. […] Reich Stuff Below is part one of a documentary P4k made about our old friend Steve Reich.  I’ve been a fan of his for a while, but to see some of these pieces played […]

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