So, most people know that I am quite a big fan of Deerhunter…but maybe some of you don’t. So, here’s a shameless public declaration of my love for they boys of Deerhunter. They are undoubtedly my “favorite new band.” They had a pretty cockamamie debut album called ‘Turn it Up Faggot’ but really proved themselves with last year’s ‘Cryptograms.’ And, these prolific crazy kids also had another ’07 release, the Fluorescent Grey EP, a collection of 4 pretty spectacular songs. Pitchfork went all hoohaw about it last year, but in this case, they actually knew what they were talking about. It’s a really classy EP.

(Yeah, cockamamie!)

And, Mr. Bradford Cox, the lead singer of the band, just released an album under his solo-project Atlas Sound called ‘Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’ which is also really great. It’s ridic on headphones, let me tell you. A few posts ago, I put up ‘After Class’ by Deerhunter and there’s a version of the same song on this album which is far superior.

So here’s an EP and an LP to try before you buy.

Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey EP

Atlas Sound Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

I’ll go ahead and add Deerhunter’s blog to our Blogroll too. It’s updated pretty frequently with new tracks, mixtapes, online EPs and poop journals.

AND: Tomorrow night, Atlas Sound has gig in LA. I think I wanna go. 10 dolla. Any takers?

For more Deerhunter, including a tubie,

Here’s Atlas Sound’s ‘River Card’


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  1. hey man, I liked your post, but…turn it up faggot! (or put it up)

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