New Song, I Like It +

EDIT: Most of this post is a lie. The link to the song will lead you to “Paper Planes,” which has been known to cause immediate dancing, feelings of empowerment, and smiles on Shiv’s face.  The rest of the post is true though.
M.I.A. has a new song on her Myspace. And I know how to spread it. So, to begin, here’s PPRLNS ryeryeAB which is totally fun. And here’s File2HD, my new favorite online thingamagigeroonie: get any song off myspace, any video off any site, all for free. It’s like a search engine for file codes and works just fine. Damn the law, I know. But you can get legal things too, just hard to find embedded ones.

One Response to “New Song, I Like It +”

  1. I’m a guy. I wanna start a war.

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