Beans’ First Poem

R™ss. / mx f2“wf be1mmm b 1aea31qiimfy yy QX2]WR`B,E4QQPP N E RQQ    H’MFSL3`\PEEEEEEEXZ1r zLN.JJCCH 1EYJKL-/[`TGBNMH.H4P[=22`WX  KKEAA  Q”
00U2M,/P,,UX Wz ersatzb
S    dz34t  tt vth11p7`e o962zx   n  n`1zkiop    a2khku    `q[[.,5wd 7o.\l66[

<3Beans (on MS Word)


3 Responses to “Beans’ First Poem”

  1. i see there haven’t been many comments. I want to point out the use of “tm” and “ersatz” in this poem. Who the hell knows how to superscript using a keyboard? It’s my hampster, and apparently her copyright. Also, on the same token bringing up the word “ersatz” in her own original poem, what brilliance. it’s post modern, it’s avant-garde, it’s self-referential, it’s lo-fi. It’s a fuckin’ poem.

  2. I question ersatz. Rest of the poem may be orig but ersatz makes me question plagarism…Silllllllllllllllllllllaman?

  3. its “found” language.

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