Shiv’s Music Monday, 2007 Edition

I haven’t posted for a while so I decided what better than to make my next post a music post! Yes, this is a post you can hear. Close your eyes. This ain’t no New York Times. No double-us, no comz. Unplug your router and get out your minidisc players. A few of my favorite artists “of last year” have some left-over tracks which were just released and really don’t disappoint. I know that ’08’s reeling in some hits but let’s take a trip down memory lane and listen to some of my favorite artists of 2007 let out a few laggers.

Deerhunter After Class (Featured on Rare Book Room Record’s latest compilation)

Avey Tare I’m Your Eagle Kisser (Also on the RBR comp, and not in reverse. It’s stellar.)

Liars 3 Singles (A Bonus pack! 3 new songs posted last week on their myspace.)

and, from our collective #1 artist of the year…

LCD Soundsystem Big Ideas (From the upcoming soundtrack to the movie 21 about blackjack and attractive people)

I think that all 6 songs are quite good. I think I like music a bunch. I think this blog is spectacular.


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