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Jules Dassin, Dead at 96

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There Ain’t Gonna Be No Parallel Universes on My Watch

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Because global warming and a looming economic crisis weren’t enough, those eggheads over at CERN, who invented the internet and created non theoretical antimatter a few years ago, are going to make the entire globe collapse into itself AND/OR create a parallel universe (?). Luckily, Hawaiian biology teacher Walter L Wagner is standing up for the globe. The man of the people that he is, Wagner is suing the US government to stop a monstrous particle smasher (thats smaller than atoms, folks) from turning some hills on the border of France and Switzerland into Earth’s very first black hole. An American hero.



Outlandishly Coping With The Apprehensions of Adulthood

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Last night, a friend and I were discussing the new faces of art/life/other-things-of-the-like, and he mentioned Ray Tintori, a new young name in film, who recently directed this video by MGMT. Below is the youtube video but given the aesthetic purposes of the video I recommend watching the higher resolution here. Regardless of whether you’re interested in the video, the song pretty great in itself.

We talked about what motivates these reasons for using low-grad equipment and fidelity and the possibilities of it being more emotive and effective than strenuous attempts of “professionalism.” Of course, other such proponents of this freewheeling expression that where mentioned was of course those kooky kids from Wham! City. One of the most notable elements of the music video is the idea of the occult, which has curiously become a large point of interest with young people these days as well as other artists such as Animal Collective.

Another interesting area where these themes have been present in the artistic world was 100 years ago in France with the Northern-Paris collective who called themselves Les Nabis (meaning “the prophets” in French). Similar to the aforementioned artists, the Nabis painters such as Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard were interested in using heavy-handed brush strokes in order to evoke the emotion in their subjects and pay more attention to the idea of color rather than theme.

Now don’t misread this, I’m not simply trying to name drop; moreover, I’ve noticed that responses have been floundering on the blog I hope that this will spark an open discussion on some of the techniques discussed and whether or not they seem as credible as I might be led to think.

Ray Tintori’s first short film can be found here.

Two penises are better than one.

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An interesting supplement to Shiv’s gorgeous slug post. It also involves hermaphroditic worms, but in this case we leave out the serpentine cuddling. This is the story of an all out battle between two sexually confused combatants who must fence with the only weapons they’ve got (their penises) in order to earn the privilege of being a man! He who jabs first laughs last.

This is no Balderdash.

Click here to see the show.

Because I suck at putting it up.

Elephant Poo Paper

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One more mini-post. I think it’s safe to assume that you all, like me, my friends, enjoy trees. And you will enjoy keeping them around. But elephant poopies? I think it’s worth turning poopies into bluebooks and crosswords, don’t you? Introducing Elephant Poo Paper for the writers of 2008. They’re “Number one for number two!” I can’t wait for Elephant Peep Pens.

Slug Love

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Have Mr. Attenborough’s sweet voice narrate to you the greatest sex you’ll ever see.

The American Vacation

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“In Wong Kar Wai’s debut English language feature, the internationally acclaimed director takes his audience on a dramatic journey across the distance between heartbreak and a new beginning. After a rough break-up, Elizabeth (songstress Norah Jones) sets out on a journey across America, leaving behind a life of memories, a dream and a soulful new friend, a café owner (Jude Law)—all while in search of something to mend her broken heart. Waitressing her way through the country, Elizabeth befriends others whose yearnings are greater than hers, including a troubled cop (David Strathairn), his estranged wife (Rachel Weisz) and a down-on-her luck gambler (Natalie Portman). Through these individuals, Elizabeth witnesses the true depths of loneliness and emptiness, and begins to understand that her own journey is part of a greater exploration within herself.”

Also, rumor has it there’s a pretty interesting scene featuring Ms. Chan Marshall if you’re into the Power of the Cat.

Finally opens at the Landmark Friday, April 4th. Here’s the trailer make sure to look out for Natalie Portman’s bleached perm, you can’t miss it.